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Shoulder Handouts

 Dr Goldberg's Patient Information Handouts
   Acromioclavicular Separation
   Adhesive Capsulitis - Frozen Shoulder
   Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
   Calcific Tendonitis
   Fractures of the Shoulder
   How to Apply a Sling
   Osteoarthritis - Non Operative Management
   Patient Postoperative Exercise Protocol Stage 1
   Patient Postoperative Exercise Protocol - Shoulder Stabilisation
   Patient Postoperative Exercise Protocol - Rotator Cuff Surgery
   Patient Post Operative Instructions
   Physio Postoperative Exercise Protocol
   Physio post operative letter-Impingement-Rotator Cuff tear
   Physio post operative letter - Shoulder Stabilisation
   Patient Postoperative Exercise Protocol-Shoulder Stabilisation 
   Rotator Cuff Repair
   Rotator Cuff Tears in the Elderly
   Shoulder Impingement
   Shoulder Replacement
   Shoulder Stabilisation
   Shoulder Stabilisation-Arthroscopic and Open Stabilisation
   Ultrasound vs MRI For Rotator Cuff Tear Diagnosis

Dr Sher's Patient Information Handouts

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   Acromioclavicular Separation (218 KB)
   Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery (150 KB)
   Frozen Shoulder (258 KB)
   How to Apply a Sling (155 KB)
   Pain management patient handout
   Rotator Cuff Repair (144 KB)
   Rotator Cuff Tears In The Older Patient (60 KB)                                        
   Shoulder Stabilisation (263 KB)
   Subacromial Cortisone Injection (163 KB)
   Total Shoulder Replacement (156 KB)
Dr Gothelf's Patient Information Handouts             back to top  
  AC Joint Separation 
   Calcific Tendonitis
   Clavicle Fractures
   Rotator Cuff Tear
   Shoulder Impingement
   Shoulder Instability
   The Frozen Shoulder
   Total shoulder replacement

Dr Annett's Patient Information Handouts

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   Cortisone Injections to the Shoulder (192 KB)        
   How to Apply a Sling (155 KB)

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